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queer veggies

for fruits who like fruit

Queer Vegetarians / Vegans
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a community for those of us who are sick of hearing, "you're gay, you're supposed to enjoy eating meat *winkwinknudgenuge*". i'd like for this to be a place to meet other like minded people, maybe swap recipes, discuss the logistics of dating / living with someone who isn't veggie, good restaurants, and so on. ground rules:

  • keep the flames to a minimum. lord knows we probably have plenty enough as it is ;-)

  • do not post promotions for other communities — get in touch with me and i'll decide whether or not to put 'em up.

  • when posting recipes or anything else that may be copyright, please cite your source and make sure it's kosher to be posting elsewhere

  • please, show respect for community members.

  • generally, be groovy and cool :-)