Brendan (notquitezeus) wrote in queerveggies,

first post! w00t!

yeah, it's cheating a bit since i haven't advertised this community anywhere else yet, but i figured it'd be nice to at least have something here for people to look at once they've joined. first, pix of your host [clicky!]. secondly: a funny story. i decided to become vegetarian (i >3 cheese and chocolate way too much to ever consider giving them up) because i was living on campus and my choices were: 1) become vegetarian and force myself to eat healthier as a result, or 2) swell up into some ginormously gross lardball. since i hadn't eaten a steak in over a year and hadn't had any chicken for two or so weeks already by that point, i figured "what the hell". my parents had a minor knipschen fit. i'd been gently easing them into the idea that i would probably turn vegetarian by buying morning star chik patties (mmmm. yes, i realize that this makes me a cryptocarnivore [read microserfs for the reference]) and veggie burgers. mom and dad for whatever reason had major difficulties with this, but once it was all figured out that i would find plenty to eat at holiday dinners and not starve all settled down a bit. the irony is that me being vegetarian was a bigger deal to them than me being gay (when i came out to them a couple weeks later) was. go figure, right?

anyways, something good comes out of all of this, and that is (as many of you probably know) that while everyone is gorging themselves on turkey / ham / whatever, i end up having plenty of space left for dessert >D

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